Ideas: Upcycled Coins and Motifs

Are you searching for bespoke, handmade jewellery that is personalised, sentimental and unique to you? At Pruden and Smith, we specialise in redesigning old jewellery to create new, contemporary, unusual jewellery that we personalise for each client. However, do you want to go one step further and create something even more special? Our skilled team can incorporate personal motifs or symbols into your commissioned jewellery for something even more unique. Browse here for ideas of coins and motifs that we have incorporated into our bespoke redesigned jewellery.

Jewellers use motifs and symbols in jewellery as a traditional way of portraying a bond, romantically or within a family. Alternatively, they can present an identity, for example, showing your interests, passions or hobbies. Nowadays expressing your identity through jewellery has become a huge trend. If you are bored of mainstream high-street jewellery, why not design your own that has a meaning and a story behind it?

Browse through our bespoke collection for ideas of coins and motif jewellery. Firstly, clients come to us with their ideas in a fun and personalised design process. Finally, they leave with unique jewellery that they alone, along with their loved ones, know the meaning of. Motif jewellery is a great idea for gifts as the extra personal touch creates jewellery that is truly memorable.

Coin Jewellery

Ever since we invented the coin, jewellers have incorporated them into jewellery. The ancient Egyptians decorated their soldiers with medals that appeared like coins of their day. Coin cutting is a serious form of craftsmanship. Moreover, when we incorporate coin designs into 18ct rose, yellow or white gold jewellery, the result is beautiful, durable jewellery.

For more inspiration, pop into our Ditchling gallery and workshop where we handmake your motif or coin jewellery. Alternatively, contact our designers to discuss how we can incorporate your special symbols into unique, unusual, handmade jewellery.

Book an appointment now by contacting our designers or pop into our workshop and gallery in Ditchling for more inspiration.


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