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Jewellery Repairs

Pruden and Smith jewellery repairs are second to none. As craftsmen who are making new jewellery day in day out we know and understand how jewellery is constructed. As well as our exceptional skill and experience we also have all the latest cutting edge equipment such as our new laser welder. The laser welder enables […]

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Diamond Myths Exposed!

There are many myths out there about diamonds. To dispel them, we are happy to share with you some professional truths! ‘Carat’ only refers to weight: 1ct=0.2gm. For example, these earrings of ours have a total carat weight of 2ct which is equal to 0.4gms. The ‘sparkle’comes from light entering the top (‘table’) and bouncing or […]

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Diamond Wedding Rings Partnership Rings

Our Unique Diamond Wedding Rings Partnership Rings are hand made in our Ditching workshops in Sussex. Working in all precious metals: platinum, 18ct and 9ct gold in white, rose and yellow we can match your wedding ring to your existing engagement ring so that both compliment each other perfectly. A wedding band these days can break with […]

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New Tricolour Stacking Rings – Reusing Old Gold Diamonds and Ruby.

unusual stacking ring

This stunning new set of unusual stacking rings were made using recycled gold from jewellery that was no longer worn by the owner. The metal and stones from the unwanted jewellery were remodelled into these stunning new dress rings that can now be worn and enjoyed every day. Stacking rings are an excellent way to […]

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Handmade Diamond Rings

handmade diamond and platinum swirl ring

Handmade diamond rings make that wonderfully perfect way to show the person who you love most in the world that they mean everything to you. This could be via an engagement ring, the most important of those handmade diamond rings and a huge statement to make! Engagements cannot be taken lightly and they need thinking […]

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