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Ditchling Wedding? Plan the perfect Sussex Wedding

Whether you’ve bought the ring or just said yes, planning a perfect Ditchling wedding is no laughing matter. So, what happens next? Depending on you this could involve months of intricate planning or a quick nip to the registry office.  But, regardless of whether you’re a ‘bridezilla’ or a ‘not that fussed’, Ditchling is a […]

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May Birthstone Emerald Jewellery

The May Birthstone is Emerald the most famous of the green gemstones. It is also one of rarest and most valuable and is classified as one of the ‘precious four’ gemstones: emerald, ruby, diamond and sapphire. The finest emerald is thought to come from Columbia. Emerald has a special cut known as “Emerald Cut” or octagon which perfectly suits […]

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Hammered Wedding Rings Handmade in Sussex

Hammered Wedding Rings add a touch of individuality to any shaped wedding band. As Jewellers Anton Pruden and Rebecca Smith were both trained as silversmiths originally. The unusual look of the jewellery that they design at Pruden and Smith uses hammering as a technique little used in traditional jewellery. It gives their jewellery an individuality not […]

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April Birthstone Diamond

There are many benefits to being born in April; spring blossom, extra Easter eggs, and having diamonds as your birthstone! The April Birthstone Diamond is the perfect excuse to buy your loved one or even treat yourself to an interesting diamond ring, a contemporary diamond bracelet or pair of unusual diamond earrings. At Pruden and Smith, […]

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Unusual Fashionable Jewellery Designs for 2017

Just about to hit our website are these unusual fashionable jewellery designs for 2017. Featuring aquamarines, sapphires, diamonds white and rose gold. All trending jewellery looks for this years classic wedding jewellery. This years range of engagement rings will focus on sapphire and diamond. Rose gold and silver cuff bangle           […]

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Boho Chic Jewellery For 2017

Silver and silver gilt (gold plated silver) “Boho Chic Jewellery” or “hippy chic” jewellery has never been more popular and is influencing our new jewellery collections. With it’s mix and match, multi coloured vibrancy these pieces are celebratory in nature. Perfect for driving away the Winter blues and spicing up your Christmas Look. The fashion has it’s roots […]

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