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Earth Day 2023 – Invest In Our Planet 🌍

Jen Pruden
Earth Day 2023 – Invest In Our Planet 🌍

As Earth Day 2023 approaches, the theme to 'Invest In Our Planet' is at the forefront of everyone's minds. At Pruden and Smith, we're committed to doing our part to protect the environment whilst creating our luxury jewellery inspired by the natural world. We're excited to share with you how we're contributing to this important cause and investing in our planet for a sustainable future.

Our commitment to sustainability

Recycling precious metals

Choosing to reuse precious metals like platinum and gold is not only environmentally responsible but also creates a sustainable secondary source of these limited natural resources. When you recycle gold, you significantly reduce the need for mining new metals from the ground, which involves harmful chemicals and causes environmental destruction.


Reusing gold maintains its purity, allowing it to be recycled numerous times without losing quality. This process also uses less energy, reducing carbon emissions and benefiting the environment.


Making conscious choices like recycling precious metals can have a positive impact on our planet and contribute to a sustainable future. By using recycled metals in our jewellery, waste is minimised and we are able to reduce our overall impact on the environment.


Recycling Precious Old Jewellery

Redesigning your old jewellery

Through our redesign service, you are able to get creative and turn your old jewellery into something special for years to come.

Redesigning your old jewellery is not only an ethical and cost-effective option, but a fun and creative process where you have the opportunity to design a piece of jewellery that’s as unique as you are. 

Reducing our emissions

Throughout the production process of our handmade fine jewellery, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment. So what are the steps we've already taken?

  • We have moved over from gas torches to torches that run on water, splitting it into hydrogen and oxygen, which is much cleaner
  • Our metals are now 100% recycled even when they are new – this is an industry-wide move
  • We use pencils, not biros and paper envelopes over plastic bags
  • We recycle and use eco-friendly products wherever possible.

What's next for us?

Looking after our planet, is a collective responsibility. We promise that we'll continue to educate ourselves, choose environmentally friendly options and put pressure on suppliers to make changes when we can't find an eco option.

 The Pruden and Smith Team

By investing in our planet, we hope to inspire others to join us in creating a more sustainable future for all. Click here to learn more about the campaign and ways that you can make a difference. 

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