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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Bespoke 3 min read

Lockdown Entertainment: Redesign Your Old Jewellery Online

Rebecca Smith
Lockdown Entertainment: Redesign Your Old Jewellery

Lockdown Entertainment: Redesign Your Old Jewellery. (currently offered online using zoom-book here) Spend a few happy hours going through your jewellery box or attic and identify anything that you no longer wear or that is broken. You are looking for items made in gold, white rose or yellow or platinum and gemstones. We do use silver and other materials but only if they are really of great sentimental value to you or you can end up paying to have it remade more that what it is finally worth. Many of the items that you find will likely have many memories attached. Perhaps you wore the piece for a long time before it wore out or perhaps someone close to you gave you a ring that was not to your taste. Other times the memories are not so positive perhaps from relationship breakdown where you have been left with valuable materials that you can’t enjoy. Every piece of jewellery always tells a story. before you know it you may have spent hours just getting this far.

Once you have gathered your materials and your memories together you can begin to speculate: Who would you like to make a piece of jewellery for? For yourself or for gifting to a friend or family member? What will the item be? How many items will your jewellery make? Its useful to have thought about this before your design appointment but don’t get overly attached to any one idea before your metal and gems have been inventoried. Creative Diamond eternity rings sussexWriting an inventory of your materials is the first part of your appointment. Once designer Rebecca Smith has established what metals and gems you have and has listened to your requirements she can give you an idea of the number and type of items that the materials will transform into. Sometimes you can sell some of your materials to cover the making charge.

Recycled diamond and gem cuff bangle bespoke sussex

Many of our designs have been developed as a canvas to unite gemstones and metals that may at first seem difficult to combine, even broken opals. This cuff bangles is a perfect example of how to bring together recycled gemstones and diamonds.

Three colour gold ruby stacking rings

Sussex Designer Three colour gold ruby dress rings

Creative Three colour gold ruby stacking rings

This ring combines the three colour golds from a number of different pieces of jewellery along with rubies and diamonds taken from a pair of broken traditional eternity rings. It couldn’t look more Recycled diamond and gem cuff bangle bespoke Sussex! The ring was designed to stack as three individual rings, one for each daughter eventually. Great planning! Its also super flexible if you want an every day ring that you can build up or down depending on what you are doing.diamond Trilogy Earstuds

Of course redesigning your old jewellery does not have to be a super exotic affair. these simple diamond trefoil earstuds were made from the platinum and diamonds from an old eternity ring.

So create some Lockdown Entertainment: Redesign Your Old Jewellery Online with our help. Book your appointment here

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