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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Coloured Gemstone 2 min read

May Birthstone Emerald Jewellery

Rebecca Smith
may birthstone emerald jewellery

The May Birthstone is Emerald the most famous of the green gemstones. It is also one of rarest and most valuable and is classified as one of the ‘precious four’ gemstones: emerald, ruby, diamond and sapphire. The finest emerald is thought to come from Columbia. Emerald has a special cut known as “Emerald Cut” or octagon which perfectly suits it’s crystal structure. this is a square or rectangle with the corners removed. All other shapes are available in both faceted cuts and cabochons.

Get creative! Pruden and Smith will design you a unique piece of emerald jewellery for your May Birthday or 55th anniversary gift. Pruden and smith can source you a unique single stone or generate designs incorporating a selection of smaller emeralds mixed with diamonds.

May Birthstone Jewellery

may birthstone emerald jewelleryEmerald ring for a may birthdayemerald cabochon ringemerald ruby sapphire diamond ring in 18ct yellow gold

Emerald eternity Ring Emerald Cocktail Ring Emerald dress Ring Emerald Ruby Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Rings

Emerald has been the May birthstone since 1912 with rich grass-green colouring that’s often kissed with a touch of blue. Quality gems are also found in India, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, and Zimbabwe. Prized since ancient times, they can be more expensive than a high-quality diamond of the same carat weight. You can also commission earrings, bangles, necklaces and pendants. Alternative green gemstones are jade, green garnet, peridot, green amethyst and green tourmaline. Jewellery made with these gemstones is available online or off the shelf in the Ditchling gallery. Emerald jewellery is always made to commission having chosen a stone to suit your budget and design.

silver disc necklace with beaded chain

Green garnet beaded necklace in silver £150

If you have an existing piece of emerald jewellery, perhaps inherited and not mounted to your taste, make a redesign appointment with our inhouse designer to have it transformed into a unique contemporary expression of your current style. whilst preserving it’s sentimental value.

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