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Traditional Birthday Gifts: Signet Rings

Rebecca Smith
Traditional Birthday Gifts: Signet Rings

Traditional Birthday Gifts: Signet Rings have come back round into fashion and are one of the most frequently requested coming of age birthday gift. To suit all budgets they come in silver, 9ct and 18ct yellow white or rose golds and platinum. Which birthday signifies the coming of age is now very much up to individual families: 16th, 18th, 21st, 25th are all candidates along with graduations, first job and leaving home dates.

These rings were designed with a very practical purpose in mind. Originally signet rings were used to stamp, or sign a document. The metal shapes leave a permanent mark in any soft wax or clay and this would be placed onto a variety of legal documents. The earliest known use of a signet ring was around 3500BC and their mark was trusted more than a signature. Every ring was unique, the markings usually included the family crest but there would always be a significant mark which personally identified the ring holder. Some of the rings were simple monograms or icons which were associated with the most important families. All rings were reverse engineered to ensure that the design came out properly when they were stamped on a document. Of course, this level of detail also ensured the rings were expensive and very difficult to copy. If you want to read more about the signet rings history this is an interesting short article by The History Press.

You can now look up your family crest online by typing in your surname or create your own. Ideally your signet ring will be personalised in someway as to be unique to you. From elegantly engraved lettering to secret gemstones and intricate pictures. What would you commission?

Rose Gold Signet RingEngraved Rose Gold Signet Ring

A 9ct Rose Gold Signet Ring with Rampant Lion

Engraved Monogram Signet Ring

A 9ct Yellow Gold Signet Ring with Monogrammed engraved Initials

Regimental Signet RingRegimental Signet Ring Seal Impression

A Regimental Signet Ring

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