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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Diamond 3 min read

Unusual Alternative Diamond Cuts The April Birthstone

Rebecca Smith
Unusual Alternative Diamond Cuts

When most people imagine a diamond they summon up an image of a traditional round brilliant cut diamond, colourless and sparkly. We work we these remarkable stones everyday and whilst these may be very familiar to you, there are many unusual alternative diamond cuts that you may be less familiar with. Here are a selection of our favourites…

Polki Diamonds

Polki diamonds are an ancient style of uncut diamond originating in India in the Mughal Era. These beautiful stones are flatter like slices of diamond and have a wonderful elegant, delicate feel to them. They are often unique irregular shapes and can have beautiful inclusions reminiscent of nebulae or tree bark.

rough cut Polki diamond pendant

Polki diamonds, each 8mm across.

Unusual Alternative Diamond Cuts

Two-tone slices of diamond, each 20mm across.

Unusual Alternative Diamond Cuts: Old Cuts

Old Cut diamonds, also known as Old Mine Cut diamonds or Old European Cut diamonds, are an older style of diamond cut found in vintage and antique jewellery. These diamonds were often set in a way that attempted to make them look as round as possible. Once unset from their original mount, their true character is revealed. They are often in fact more cushion-shaped than round. We love to make the most of their fabulous rocky shapes in our organic carved rings, highlighting rather than concealing their unique characteristics. These designs are carved from a single piece of gold, for which we often use client’s own sentimental metal. If you have any old vintage diamond jewellery that you don’t wear anymore or is broken, why not make an appointment with our designer Rebecca to discuss remodelling them. Book an appointment here.

old cut diamond eternity ring Unusual Alternative Diamond Cuts: Carved Old Cut Diamond Ring Old Cut Diamond Curved Cluster earstuds

Uncut Diamonds and Rough Diamond Stacking Rings

We love to use all kinds of unusual diamonds in our stacking rings, from rose cut diamonds, to completely raw uncut diamonds, and old cut diamonds. Because of the organic nature of these stones they can even be mix and matched for a truly unique stack!

rough hammered diamond ring rough diamond and uncut diamond stacking rings Unusual Alternative Diamond Cuts rough diamond stacking rings Old Cut Diamond Carved Stacking Ring

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