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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Eternity 3 min read

Unusual Eternity Rings

Rebecca Smith
unusual eternity rings

The inspiration for this years collection unusual eternity rings came from my daily lockdown walks along the Sussex coastline. The Sussex strandline, as it indiscriminately tumbles even the structures we put in place to control it, into a strata that will eventually record the Anthropocene. The stories of the materials and objects that wash up and those being uncovered from past millennia are observable in their past present and future forms, as they are churned and deconstructed Eastwards. Photographing, collecting, observing, recording and interacting with the experience and materials from the beach, looking at how we frame what we find, why we pick out a special pebble each time relates to our love of diamonds and gold as found materials that mystify us.

unusual eternity ring beach inspirationunusual eternity ring sketchunusual trapped stone eternity ring inspirationeternity ring beach trap collection inspiration photography

In a series of unusual organic form eternity rings we have started to explore these themes from this series of photos: stones “trapped” between two undulating hammered rings of gold to carved rocky formations using old cut diamonds.

Unusual organic form diamond eternity ringUnusual handmade eternity rings unusual eternity rings unusual rose gold diamond eternity ring ruby diamond three colour gold eternity ring

I observed how form, colour and pattern are created through the interaction of these everchanging objects during this event: Pebble against pebble, Shingle against cliff, Oil mixing with sand, Metal melding with rock.

unusual spinning 22ct gold diamond eternity ringUnusual carved gold old cut diamond ring gold nugget eternity ringunusual three band eternity ringunusual hammered diamond set eternity ring

I love that rose gold and yellow gold has returned to the jewellers palette in the 2020’s and that all of the gold we now use is recycled or from gold provided from a clients old jewellery.

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