Sapphire Diamond Pebble Stacking Ring

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Sapphire Diamond Pebble Stacking Ring featuring sapphires and old cut diamonds set into 18ct gold pebble settings.

Upcycle your old jewellery into a Sapphire Diamond Pebble Stacking Ring

Our pebble stacking rings are the perfect way to make use of mismatched gemstones from your old, broken, or inherited jewellery that you no longer wear. If you have old pieces of jewellery that you don’t wear, why not combine them all together is one stunning design that can be worn every day. This design is very versatile and can be adjusted to suit the materials that you have. We can even reuse your own sentimental gold in the design so that nothing is wasted. Don’t worry if the stones you have are all sorts of different sizes and shapes, this ring is designed so the pebbles are made in a mix of shapes and sizes to accommodate mismatched stones and unify them all into one harmonious design..

Previous examples of similar designs we have made include our Three Colour Ruby and Diamond Pebble Stacking Ring and our Diamond Rough Pebble Stacking Rings.

If you are interested in commissioning your own set of stacking rings, book an appointment with our designer Rebecca Smith today.

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