Nugget Jewellery

Our nugget jewellery collection features individually free cast solid silver & gold beads strung imaginatively into necklaces, bracelets and earrings. In silver or a mix of silver and gold and often combined with uniquely-sourced and cut semi-precious stones or pearls. They are finished with our classic, strong ‘S’ catch, bearing the P&S hallmark. These free-cast solid silver and gold beads are handmade individually giving them their fascinating natural look: fabulous whether you’re in jeans, on the beach, or dressed up.
This years collection organises the silver and gold nuggets in a random pattern, emphasising their natural organic look. We’ve combined them with faceted peridot, tourmaline, amethyst, blue topaz, iolite, garnet and Labradorite. You can also see this stringing pattern if you take a look at our pearl jewellery section where the nuggets have been combined with giant black oil pearls in a necklace, bracelet and earrings.
You can have fun with them! Wear them three ways in one by combining your strand with one of our pendants. Have them restrung occasionally to update them to our latest designs and colours.
They are easy to care for, just drop them into a jewellery dip when needed, (check you have the right one for the other stones in your piece), rinse well and buff up with a jewellery cloth to keep them looking their best.


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